Integer Evolve – The new Integer Program

Integer Evolve is the new Integer Consulting Ambassador Program, which main purpose is to be closer to young talents in the IT area.

  1. The 1st edition of Integer Evolve has already started. Teresa, who oversees the project, explains to us what this program is all about.

Integer Evolve is a pilot project aimed at students in bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the IT field, studying in Portugal. We want to give students, finalists or not, the opportunity to get to know our company, to have a first contact, or a closer contact with the business reality, to actively participate in technological projects, and at the same time, provide them with the development of new skills that will certainly be an asset in the market.
Students who are selected as ambassadors and become part of Integer Evolve will have several guaranteed moments of interaction with professionals in the area, the possibility of participating in events and workshops, privileged access to our TALKIN TECHS, for example, they will have the opportunity to visit our offices and meet Integer-Factory teams, and also participate in the Bug Bounty Academy, an innovative project in the area of cybersecurity.

2. In your opinion, what distinguishes this program from other Ambassador Programs?

I believe the main aspect to highlight is that this program was designed from scratch and based on the feedback we received and collected from students in the IT area, in the events, initiatives and fairs in which we participated as partners or sponsors, in the different universities over time. Integer Evolve, as the name implies, is a program focused on development! It is almost like an invitation to students to take the next step, to evolve, to develop their talent and skills! And I’m not just talking about technical skills, which will certainly work and develop in the cybersecurity project, but soft skills as well, because they have a huge relevance for employers when choosing a candidate. I think it’s an unparalleled opportunity that can really make a difference in the future.

3. What would you say to encourage a student to enroll in the Ambassador Program?

By participating in Integer Evolve you will be in contact with IT professionals who have several years of experience and incredible talent! They will help you develop technical and soft skills to become an excellent professional in the future. This experience will provide you with lots of fun and learning moments, and if you participate in the proposed activities you can even win prizes!

4. For students who are not selected as ambassadors or are not in the program, what other initiatives does Integer Consulting have for them?

We are a regular presence in colleges, in the several events and job fairs that take place during the school year, we promote technical and soft skills workshops exclusively for students, we sponsor hackathons and other initiatives.

We promote summer internships, we have openings for curricular internships, and we promote Integer-Academy, which is an on-the-job training program for recent graduates or master’s in Computer Engineering or similar areas. Integer-Academy ends up being an introduction to the job market and a complement to academic training, since the selected participants will join Integer or client/partner project teams and work side by side with more senior professionals in the area, after attending intensive training in programming languages and technologies during the first weeks. The Integer-Academy usually takes place once a year.

For 2022 we are preparing an “Open-Day” and much more!

5. To finish Teresa, as you yourself integrated the team at the end of your master’s degree, as a Trainee, how would you describe the experience in Integer, what do you highlight the most?

Integrating the Integer team is an amazing opportunity! When I was in the final stage of my dissertation the opportunity arose to join the team and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

After 2 years it has been a process of tremendous growth and learning in a team that encourages us to be increasingly better and pushes us to build our path.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, go to

Teresa Canelas
Marketing & Communications

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