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Our Story

Integer is a Portuguese consulting company specialized in Technology and Information Systems. Our core business is IT outsourcing services, software, nearshore projects, and tailor made solutions. We are partners with the main technology players worldwide and we work with national and multinational companies from several industries. Most of the projects we participate are in Portugal, Brazil, and throughout Europe. What set us apart is the experience of our team and our tech talent.

Integer Consulting was created in early 2007 with the vision that team spirit and integrity are the basis of a company’s success. This vision of our CEO Luís Setúbal made Integer what it is today, a reference company known by IT professionals, a long-standing supplier in the tech sector for many renowned companies, and a partner that keeps its word.

What it is like to work at Integer

Our culture and the team’s alignment with the values we stand for are our greatest pride.

What it is like to work at Integer

Our culture and the team’s alignment with the values we stand for are our greatest pride.

Integer is a company that gives great stability to its employees, allowing them to grow at the pace of each one, and provides tools for that to happen.

Gonçalo Silva, Analyst/Programmer

What we stand for

Our Values

We aim to keep growing in all our indicators. We reinvent ways of working, without ever losing focus of our values. As a team we achieve more, and we believe we are accompanied by the best. We are passionate about the way we work, this ensures results and allows us to grow in a consistent way.

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Our Culture

We have a culture of community, which is why there is no shortage of events and initiatives to promote integration and team spirit. We create exclusive events to exchange experiences and learnings with colleagues, to socialize and, of course, to celebrate amazing moments!


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Meet our people

Our Team

Our team and the talent of each one is the base of our success. These are some of the people who are with us and that everyday work for a common goal, to make Integer Consulting a reference for IT professionals and business partners. Get to know us a little better.

Luís Setúbal


My goal is to help the people who work with us grow, by motivating them and leading by example.

Tânia Gomes

Head of People & Talent

What I like most is managing people and investing in their skills. Developing talent is the great goal for the coming years.

Rúben Santos

Head of Outsourcing Services

I love what I do because it allows me to help those around me achieve their goals and bring their projects to fruition.

Cátia Gomes

Head of Marketing & Communications

Reaching out to people, establishing trusting relationships, and helping them achieve their goals is the best reward.

Susana Albuquerque

Finance Controller Specialist

I work in the finance department and love numbers! My favorite things to do are reading, swimming and traveling.

Rute Guerreiro

People Support

I am from Alentejo and I find my peace in the sea. I love what I do because I feel that we help change the lives of consultants.

Raquel Santos

Treasury & Office Manager

I love the Sea and the tranquility it gives me! At Integer, the human environment and the good energy is what motivates me the most.

Pedro Nunes

Senior Account Manager

I am 100% people, project, and innovation centric. One of my daily goals is to make a difference in the lives of the people I work with.

Joana Carvalho

People Support Specialist

"Today\'s determination, is tomorrow\'s success." One of my goals is to be successful at what I do.

Gonçalo Setúbal

People Support

I enjoy developing projects in teams and my work allows me to create connections with all colleagues at Integer

Filipa Fernandes

Client Manager

I like that in my work no two days are the same. I recently discovered that gardening is one of my passions.

Danielson Ribeiro

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I love what I do because I believe that the future involves a close cooperation between people and technology.

Cristina Matias

Finance Controller Manager

I enjoy being in nature, walking outdoors, and dancing. I love what I do, and volunteering and helping others gives me fulfillment.

Cátia Jorge

Client Manager

I enjoy recruiting, following closely the evolution of colleagues, and contributing to Integer\'s success

Carolina Machado

Senior Client Manager

I like the dynamics of my role. Passionate about sports and futsal athlete.

Bruno Carvalho

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am Azorean, I can\'t do without a cup of coffee with friends and good barbecues. I love what I do because I believe I contribute to Integer\'s success.

Bernardo Machado

People & Culture

I am happy above all! I love what I do because I am passionate about people. One of my goals is to visit all the continents.

Ana Verissimo

Client Manager

Working at Integer is to excel every day and to have the full support in my greatest daily challenge which is being a mother.

Ana Mauricio

People & Culture specialist

I like my job because of the contact with people, being able to listen to them and follow their professional growth.

Alexandre Carvalho

Account Manager

I am outgoing, committed and passionate about people. "Do what you love and you won't have to work a single day of your life"

Beatriz Pereira

Talent Delivery

I believe that the path to success is through doing what makes you happy.

Inês Domingos

People Support & Office

I am passionate about animals. I love to travel and see new things.

Catarina Vieira

IMS Controller

Working in a team is a key to success. I am grateful to have the possibility to develop skills.

Joana Plateia

People Support & Payroll

What I like most about my job is the constant learning. I love what I do because it makes me happy

Diane Azevedo

Finance Controller

Although I have only been there a short time, I have already realized that Integer values employees without making any distinction, the team is very warm and welcoming.

Beatriz Botelho

Talent Acquistion

I'm always looking for challenges that make me evolve and where I can be myself. I like to be active and I love making pancakes for breakfast.

Nuno Marques

Senior Account Manager

I enjoy helping companies empower their business through the adoption of technology. Classic Cars addicted!

Gonçalo Pires Paraíba


My international experience is a plus for my performance and adaptation to new challenges. Travelling for work is always a learning experience and an evolution.

Joana Gallego

People & Culture

Everyone says I'm very empathetic and I find it very easy to relate to others. If money was not an issue, I would dedicate myself to volunteering!

Rita Mimoso

People & Culture

I believe it is very important to understand the other person, and therefore empathy and humility are the characteristics I value most.

Anderson Abreu

IT Manager

I enjoy studying, being with family and am driven by challenges. I want my heart to rhyme with my attitudes.

João Gonçalves

Sales Assistant

I am a photographer in my free time. Family, friends and nature are my fuel. I like to travel and I can't leave with a good laugh.

João Dias

Data Engineer

I come from the North, I like practising sports and learning. In my free time, I enjoy watching a good comedy show.

Beatriz Simões

Marketing & Communications

Combining creativity with communication to enrich people's experience is one of my goals.

Francisca Amaral

Talent Aquisition

I'm Luso-Brazilian, lover of good music, resilient and passionate about recruitment. My greatest motivation is the sparkle in people's eyes.

Marta Matos

Talent Aquisition

I'm motivated by connecting people to companies where they feel good, because life has to be enjoyed to the full with what we like best.

Cíntia Russo

Talent Aquisition

I'm from Ribatejo, but I'd love to spend time with family and friends and also travel. I enjoy what I do because recruitment is challenging and I love challenges.

Lydie Gore

Account Manager

My professional goal is to make Integer grow and it is with great enthusiasm that I work with the support of the whole team to achieve it.

Neuza Moreira

Marketing & Communications

I like to unleash my imagination and make my flight and that of all those who travel with me into the world of Communication, a unique experience.

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