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Software Solutions

We develop innovative software capable of answering the day-to-day challenges of companies in two major areas: cybersecurity and performance evaluation.

Our cybersecurity solution is aimed to organizations that manage critical or confidential information. Our performance evaluation system is an essential management tool for SMEs.

Cybersecurity Solution

Our cybersecurity solution detects threats and vulnerabilities ignored by traditional defense systems. Ideal for organizations that manage critical or confidential information, such as public administration or banking entities.

The system constantly and uninterruptedly monitors a variety of information flows on the internet that may put the business and the activity of companies at risk. The information to be monitored can be parameterized and the system allows searches to be conducted on sources of information in Portuguese, English, Mandarin and Russian.

How does it work


Years of reputation can be destroyed in minutes without an effective risk analysis and threat identification system. Through the APM framework - Advanced Persistent Monitoring - the solution can detect security flaws and collect data that allows it to provide information for prevention, detection, and neutralization of cyber-attacks.

Our system has 4 macro functionalities:


Solution in Action

Turning data into intelligence. Our system is the result of years of research and development, led by professionals with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity.

An approach focused on the analysis and understanding of information that circulates beyond the client's borders. The system monitors data and players, from thousands of information sources, considering the hacker's perspective, to prevent, detect and automate security policies.

Let's talk about Cybersecurity?

There is nothing like seeing the solutions in action. Book a demonstration with our experts.
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Performance Evaluation System

PerformIN is a management tool that allows you to know, measure and monitor individual performance in the organization. With a very appealing and user-friendly look and feel, this is the ideal solution for SMEs.

Boost your team performance


Performance evaluation is an indispensable management tool in companies and should function as a process of identification, diagnosis, and analysis of the individual behavior of each employee, with the goal of continuous improvement.

PerformIN allows you to measure and monitor the key criteria established in the organization, providing the key indicators necessary for business development.

Create Access Profiles

The system allows you to define profiles with different access permissions

Specific Reports

It is possible to extract progress reports by employee and by department

Metrics Consulting

Users can view their assessment and goals achieved, as well as their individual progress

Performance Perception

The system has a matrix for weighting competencies and objectives

Microsoft NET Core 3.1 Technology

Enables integration with Office 365

PerformIN in Action

After identifying the corporate and individual objectives for each employee, according to their responsibilities in the organization, the system allows you to do a personalized objectives plan to be established according to the goals set for each individual.

The responsible evaluator can define, monitor, and evaluate each parameter in the team over time. At the end of each established evaluation period, the system generates reports with the overall results of the evaluation process and progress at the individual level.

Let's talk about Performance?

There is nothing like seeing the solutions in action. Book a demonstration with our experts.
We are sure it will be worth your while.

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