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CyberSecurity Solutions

Over the past few years, trends have made Cybersecurity one of the priority areas of concern for governments and businesses. With the intensified use of information and communication technologies (ICT), cybersecurity issues have never been more relevant.

The digital presence of businesses, such as Internet connectivity, online buying and selling, automated interconnection with clients and suppliers, adoption of remote hosting systems and integration with other automated or autonomous operating systems caused a higher risk of data exposure, so we developed Cybersonar, a Cyber Threat Intelligence platform, specialized in collection of advanced intelligence under multiple dimensions: Diffuse collection, directed collection, structured collection, collection by simulation and even vulnerability identification.

CyberSonar is the result of years of research and development, conducted by professionals with extensive experience in the CyberIntelligence sector.

As opposed to the phenomenon known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), CyberSonar is an innovative and proprietary approach that consists of non-stop monitoring of customers' information assets from thousands of sources in order to protect them from various forms of attack and accidental information leaks.

Historically, asset protection in cyberspace is based on a logic of isolating corporate networks and systems from the outside world through perimeter control designed by information security professionals. Our proprietary data collection ontology, employs the perspective of the attacker's view, considering their Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs).

We provide a complement to traditional defences, with our Advanced Persistent Monitoring. Our collections are able to detect threats and vulnerabilities that traditional methods ignore.

How it works?

Five Dimensions Collection

CyberSonar works in five different types of dimensions.

Diffuse Collection

It operates with its own philosophy, across multiple sources, with the purpose of mirroring the attacker's vision.

Targeted collection

It is oriented to identify security flaws in web applications.

Structured Collection

It collects attacks, failures and incidents reported in several databases on the internet.

Collection by Simulation

The 14 Honeypots detect any kind of scanning and attack attempts.

Identification of vulnerabilities

Identification of security gaps in the interest of the Organisation.


Collection sources


Individual Hackers


Incidents (last 365 days)

Years of Experience

What are the advantages?


CyberSonar is versatile and easily adjustable, as the system is able to quickly reorganise its data collection strategies and generate results in a short period of time regardless of the size of the infrastructure or the complexity of the systems used by the customer. The scannings can be defined for a limited scope or for a larger scale. This cyber intelligence tool is designed to expand the situational awareness of its users and generate a virtuous circle of threat anticipation, risk mitigation and attack prevention.

Solution in Action

Our system is the result of years of research and development in the field of cybersecurity with the purpose of transforming data into intelligence.

The approach is focused on analysing and understanding the information that flows beyond the client's borders. CyberSonar monitors data and players from thousands of information sources, taking into account the hacker's perspective, in order to prevent, detect and automate security policies.

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CyberSecurity Services

In the global and tech-dependent world, cybersecurity plays a key role in protecting data, systems and networks from cyber threats.

With attacks by hackers constantly increasing and with the techniques used becoming more sophisticated, ensuring the security of data and the integrity of systems has become a top priority for individuals, businesses and governments, requiring the implementation of robust protection measures and constant awareness of the risks associated with the digital age.

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