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Why Integer?

We will do everything in our power to support you in achieving your professional and personal goals. Our biggest commitment is to you and your future. We will listen to you, value your opinion and your talent. We want you to be motivated and fully integrated in the projects in which you participate. We want you to be a proud member of the team.

Our benefits

We value your talent. We empower people.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for all team members

Training and Certifications

Training and certification opportunities in various fields and free access to training platforms like Udemy

Career Progression

We invest in you, in your personal and professional growth and development

Personalized Monitoring

Kit Welcome, relaxed environment and close monitoring of people and projects

Events and Partnerships

We take our work seriously, without ever forgetting to create memories along the way

We bring people together

Our Events

We have a culture of community, which is why there is no shortage of events and initiatives to promote integration and team spirit. We create exclusive events to exchange experiences and learnings with colleagues, to socialize and, of course, to celebrate amazing moments!

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What INtegers say about us

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Lisbon - Portugal
Development September, 22nd 2022
Remoto - Portugal
QA & Testing Remote September, 20th 2022
Lisbon, Porto - Portugal
Fullstack Developer
Development Remote September, 19th 2022
Remoto - Portugal
Development Remote September, 16th 2022
Remoto - Portugal
Development Remote September, 16th 2022
Lisbon - Portugal
C# Developer
Development September, 14th 2022
Lisbon - Portugal
Outsystems Developer
Development September, 13th 2022
Remoto - Portugal
BI Developer & Analyst
BI & Analytics September, 13th 2022

Still nothing that fits you?
Certainly we can help.

We can help you find what you're looking for. From international project openings, to opportunities to work with the latest technologies.

Let's take a look inside

Innovation Center

Support ideas and new business

The Integer Innovation Center has the purpose of encouraging the creation of new business models for Integer, based on knowledge management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. This area is responsible for monitoring and developing tailored projects for the onshore and nearshore market.

All our work is done by people focused on solving people's problems. Driving that focus to deliver more and better results is what motivates me daily.

Thiago Pimentel, Digital Innovation Manager

Wondering if tech is right for you?

Integer Academy

We are looking for talent like yours

Integer Academy is an on-the-job training program for recent graduates or master’s in computer engineering related fields. The program lasts 12 months and includes intensive initial training in programming languages and technologies such as JAVA, .NET, C# and PHP. Selected juniors join internal or client teams and have the opportunity to participate in real projects.

It is challenging and rewarding to hire recent graduates/masters and support their growth through skills development. This project has a high success rate and we promise to continue developing it internally and with our clients.

Tânia Gomes, Head of People & Talent

Be part of this evolution

Integer Evolve

The future starts here

Integer Evolve is a set of initiatives with the main target the IT students attending the 1st and 2nd cycle of higher education. Our goal is to make INTEGER known to the academic community as a brand, with strong values and a culture of proximity.
Not only we are present in Job Fairs, but we also promote Workshops, Jobshadowing and OpenDays. Integer has also developed an Ambassador Program that will put your knowledge to the test! The goal is to develop new skills and share amazing moments with us.

Since its creation, Integer has always bet on younger talents. Our goal is to be closer to future tech talent and it is with this focus that we promote several initiatives. We believe in you and want to help you develop your skills. Participating in Evolve means working together for your growth.

Ana Rente, People & Talent Specialist

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