Interview: Anderson Abreu, IT Manager

In this article you’ll get to know a little more about Anderson, IT Manager and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at Integer since 2018.

🎙Hello Anderson! What is your birthplace, where were you born?

I am Brazilian and was born in the coolest city in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, which is in the state of Minas Gerais in the southeast region of Brazil.

🎙How long ago did you move to Portugal and what were your motivations for this move?

The dream of living and working outside of Brazil has always been with me since my youth. I even had the opportunity to do an internship in the area of Electronics, when I was still doing my technical course in aircraft electronics in the USA, but due to my family roots, at that time, it didn’t happen.

The opportunity to come to Portugal came through the recommendation of a friend of mine, Marco Santos, ex-INteger. From there, I had some interviews (some even technical) with our CEO and it was in 2019 that I was accepted and decided to come to work, for Integer, and live this dream of making a life outside of Brazil. Me and my beautiful wife, companion of all moments, decided to move to Portugal! I entered the visa process in the Portuguese embassy in Brazil, and I was lucky, because everything went super smoothly so that we could land in Lusitanian lands.

We landed in Lisbon, with the dream of living, learning the culture and showing a lot of experience, seriousness and professionalism, with the awareness that we would have a long period of adaptation ahead of us.

🎙And do you have any expectations of returnin to Brazil?

Honestly, it’s not something that me or my wife are thinking about. For now, our dream is to get a permanent residence permit, perhaps dual citizenship, and to live, work and retire here in Portugal. I am happy living here and I really like the Portuguese people and the welcome we had.

🎙 Are you an IT graduate?

Yes, I have some education: I did Computer Science and Mathematics when I was young, later I updated my knowledge with a post-graduation in object orientation.

I did 2 years of college in Physical Education, but did not have the opportunity to finish. I’m a fan of studies and I still want to do a degree and a masters in Portugal. I want to immerse myself even more in Portuguese culture and tradition.

🎙You’re currently IT Manager at Integer, but your path has been building, right?

Yes and well… to explain my journey, I have a series with three articles on my Linkedin that I invite you to read:

Being as IT Manger and Chief Information Security Officer – CISO is a great honour for me and I will do my best to do my best at Integer.

🎙 In your opinion, how important is it for Integer to have an area dedicated to IT Support?

For me, Integer is technologically aligned with the unit infrastructure and has given importance and investment to middle areas that serve as support for the final areas. With this investment in the IT/Security area, Integer puts itself at the forefront, along with other benchmark companies.

So the IT area is not just one more differential, but a necessity in the business management process and, furthermore, aligned with well defined strategies and data security control.

🎙 What do you find most challenging in your day-to-day life and what excites you most about your job/function?

Some elements are challenging, perhaps the biggest of all is ensuring a secure and reliable infrastructure that can meet all the needs of all internal areas and our customers. Cybersecurity is indeed one of the most challenging topics.

In addition, the needs of the service are becoming more and more demanding, there is a need for greater speed and quality of the team. Ensuring that Integer has a skilled and knowledgeable IT team is one of my goals.

🎙A memorable/funny moment you experienced at Integer or in Portugal?

A remarkable moment was when we arrived in Lisbon and the next day when we were at the Airbnb was when we felt that the dream was coming true, we felt an avalanche of thoughts and feelings at the moment. Another remarkable point was to be walking on a weekend and hear so many different languages on the same walk.

🎙What are your dreams/goals about yourself that you want to share?

Building our own house, here in Portugal. Of course, for that, first comes the dream of buying a property, seeing land and imagining what can be built. The dream is: me, my wife and our children, together building our house.

🎙 If you had not followed the field of technologies, what would you do today on a professional level?

I would definitely be a teacher of Physics, Mathematics and/or Judo. I have a passion and gift for teaching 🧡

Anderson Abreu
IT Manager & CISO

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