Nearshore – Facts vs. Myths

The purpose of this article is to try and understand what Nearshore really is, according to Integer’s perspective, and to debunk some myths that may still exist regarding this type of service.

Before moving forward, it should be noted that Nearshore, as part of Integer’s service, is a way for our clients to work remotely and on a global scale in a short period of time, while having access to all the technical knowledge of Integer consultants.

With that said, there are some myths that persist about this type of service, namely:

Organizational Culture vs Cultural Incompatibility

Whenever you set up an operation in a different country, there is a need to understand what cultural differences may influence the productivity of the teams but being aware of this does not mean that these differences are insurmountable barriers. Our sole and main objective should be to create an organizational culture transversal to any team, regardless of the characteristics of the elements that compose it. In Integer, we believe that through agile methodologies, we can create an environment like that of our clients.

Privileged communication channel vs Communication barriers

There is often a misconception that a team being managed in a different location will bring more communication issues, when what happens most of the time is exactly the opposite. When we define a privileged communication channel, instead of several speakers, we guarantee a more immediate and dedicated response.

Different languages vs language barrier

Yes, it is a fact that we are the only country in Europe that speaks Portuguese, but that also means that we have the chance to approach other markets from a unique perspective. In addition, most IT professionals in Portugal have an exceptional level of English, and probably fit in with most multinational organizations. The most important thing is that regardless of the consultants’ native language, they are prepared to integrate teams, projects, and clients who speak other languages.

Competitive prices vs low rates

The expectation of low rates in Nearshore projects is just that, expectation. This cannot be the only reason to look for a service like this. Portugal trains professionals in the world of technology with equal rigor to any other country, although the valuation of these professionals is in accordance with the Portuguese reality. Having said that, Integer’s goal, and I believe most of IT companies operating in Portugal, is to be able to value these professionals even more, while remaining competitive in other markets.

In short, opting for Nearshore should be thought of as part of the client’s internationalization strategy, where we must ensure that the teams are aligned with its organizational culture, favoring fast and assertive communication channels.

Knowing that Portugal is a guarantee of excellent professionals, with good language skills, and that we can still be price competitive, we can only maintain the expectation of continuing to be one of the countries where this service grows the most, and, specifically in Integer, continue to work to earn the trust of our customers in Nearshore service.

David Lemos
Senior Internacional Account Manager

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