TALKIN TECH are an Integer initiative that happens on a recurrent basis, every month, in which we promote the sharing of knowledge and experience within and outside our team. The subjects and themes approached are very diverse. All talks have a more theoretical component, led by one or more speakers, and time for debate, in which everyone can participate. In the talks open to the public, we always provide a registration form in our social networks.

The next talk is on June 29th, and we will talk about the Recruitment and Onboarding Process. If you’re interested in this topic stay tuned, because soon we’ll make available the forms for you to sign up 😉

The last edition of our TALKIN TECH by Integer Consulting was the most viewed ever 🎉

Through a relaxed and very special conversation, the guest speakers shared with all participants their professional and personal experience about the change of country (Brazil to Portugal). We also talked about some challenges, cultural adaptation and tips on how to facilitate this process. At the end, we had a very funny moment in which our speakers shared very peculiar stories.

The speakers were four colleagues from Integer´s team: Karine Mesquita, born in São Paulo and Talent Acquisition Specialist, Renato Pasquini, born in Paraná and Oracle Data Integrator, Rodrigo Silva, born in São Paulo and Oracle SOA/BPM and Kevin Rodrigues, born in Rio de Janeiro and System Analyst. As moderator, Pedro Nunes, Senior Account Manager, led the conversation in a very dynamic and funny way.

We can say, without a doubt, that the success of this talk was the result of a great teamwork and contribution of Integer’s talents.

About this session we would like to thank, once again, all integers and interested parties who participated and marked this session in such a positive and special way.

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