We are SME Leader 2021

Integer was once again recognized by IAPMEI with the status of SME Leader 2021.

This distinction was created in 2008, with the main goal of identifying and giving reputation to companies with the highest levels of performance so that, as a token of trust, they could strengthen and develop their business and growth strategies. Some of the characteristics of SME Leader companies, of which Integer is a part, include financial autonomy above average, solid equity, and lower associated risk, being leaders in their sectors and showing a crucial commitment to digital and technological transformation.

The challenges that companies face are not new, the demands of the market itself, increased competitiveness, and greater concern with management practices, for example, are even more evident today. They are also reasons for greater dedication and work by the teams, to achieve standards of excellence. And Integer is no exception.

What sets us apart?

Our organizational culture.

For Integer, the alignment of our people with the values we stand for is fundamental. Our team’s experience is the engine of our success. Every day we reinvent new ways of working, we strive for continuous and sustained growth, without ever losing focus on our values because we believe that only as a team can we achieve our goals.

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Keeping and achieving year after year the recognition of IAPMEI as a Leader SME company is a source of pride, since it confirms the success of our teamwork and loyalty to our values. Furthermore, it motivates us to work better and better and to continue to be a reference in the IT sector in Portugal.


Integer Consulting

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