The Fretx Case: startup in the transportation sector

Fretx is a startup created in 2020 that creates business opportunities in the transport sector in Portugal.

How did Fretx start?

Fretx was created in 2020, during the pandemic, and emerged from the difficulty felt by its founders in finding a professional transportation/ moving service available and at a fair price in the market. Thiago Dieb and Bruno Barroso are the face of the project and the ones responsible for idealizing and bringing Fretx to life.

The need was identified, the technical know-how existed, both Thiago and Bruno have been working in the technology area for more than 10 years. It was just a matter of leveraging their entrepreneurial inclination, creating a profitable concept for the brand and the business and finding the right partners.

What sets Fretx apart?

With just over 1 year of existence, Fretx has already more than 800 carriers registered on the platform and more than 4,000 proposals have already been sent.

Fretx is the only platform in Portugal 100% dedicated to this segment, and to create a link between the transporter and the client.

Our goal is to unite the customer who needs a freight transport service with the professional who can meet that customer’s needs. The process to use the platform is simple, the customer identifies their need on the platform, and then the carriers registered on Fretx send proposals directly to the customer. Thus, receiving several proposals, the customer can choose the most suitable carrier that meets their needs.

It is the first service delivery platform to use chatbot technology to facilitate the customer experience, from the moment of requesting a quote from the carriers, to contracting the service.

The plan is to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the platform to make it easier for customers and carriers to choose.

Because it is a technology startup and its founders are experienced professionals in the field, they are always testing and using what is new in the market. The platform is built on PHP and JavaScript. Using everything from NodeJS to WordPress, automated deployment system, cloud hosting, etc.

Which partnership would you like to highlight?

Without a doubt Gonniki Transport! We have had incredible results and even the owner himself left us his testimony, saying that since they joined Fretx, and are registered in our platform, the work and the request of budgets increased and so did the invoicing.

Bruno, being a founding partner of Fretx, in your opinion what is the future of the startup?

In just 12 months of launch and operation, the platform already serves the 18 districts of mainland Portugal, and we intend to expand operations to the autonomous regions and neighboring countries to improve transportation and bring a unique experience to everyone.

Right now, we are working with small to medium sized transports, with the focus on residential, commercial and/or smaller transports. In the future we are planning to upgrade to express services, large load transports, and improve our experience in international transports. We will also continue to build a unique and 100% customer-focused platform, with exclusive benefits and resources for partner carriers. Our customer service and user support are totally humanized, even though we are a technology company, and this allows us to understand up close what are the real difficulties of the customers and how we can add even more value to people’s lives. It was these and other reasons that allowed us to join the Integer Group. With the support of the group, we feel even stronger to move forward and impact people even more.

Jorge Augusto Dieb
Head of Branding

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