Until we meet again Integer

After finishing my master’s degree in Organizational Psychology at the University of Coimbra, I decided to take a risk and moved to the capital! I always dreamed of working in Lisbon, even though I knew that my days would be different, without the usual people and the usual routine. It wasn’t hard to like Lisbon, just as it wasn’t hard to like working at Integer.

September 12, 2016, was my first day at Integer.

At the time the office was different. Smaller, with fewer people, but the environment was the same as we have today, a culture of growth, cooperation, unity, and concern for everyone. The IT area was not completely unknown to me, I always had a special liking for learning about technologies and I have in my family many IT professionals. Now, the IT recruitment area was a completely new world and I started my professional internship as Talent Acquisition.
The beginning required a lot of resilience and a lot of persistence. You had to do consistent work, stay focused and keep learning, every day. I would say that it was in the less easy moments of my recruiting experience that the main value of Integer – Integrity – became evident.

Persist and don’t give up

Those who are in recruitment know that not every day is easy and that the results often do not reflect our dedication or commitment. Every day I started over with the certainty that I was going to give my best and that I had to believe in myself and my abilities, even in the most challenging moments. By the way, if you work in this area, let me tell you this: don’t compare yourself to the results of the colleague next door. Compete only with yourself and try to be a little better every day. You will see that when you least expect it, the recognition and the results happen, and there is no better recognition than to know that you are being the best version of yourself.

That’s how it happened to me, and that’s how I grew up in Integer, always trying to do better, with a team that pushed me to do my best, that taught me something new every day, and that believed that together we can achieve more.

Finding my place

When recruiting, my main interest was always to get to know the person in front of me. More than knowing their background, I always wanted to understand what motivates them, what makes them happy, what they could add to Integer, and what we could give them in return. That was always my focus when talking to our consultants. Are you happy with us? Are we contributing to your professional and personal growth? What can we do to improve your experience at Integer?

It was here that I realized that my path would not exactly be through contact with the client, from a perspective of growing the business, but rather, through closer contact with my colleagues and consultants, who work in Integer. Getting to know their motivations and trying to understand how I could push and support them to give their best.
Integer was by my side, opened doors for me, listened to my motivations and interests, and in January 2021 came the invitation to join the People & Culture area. This area is entirely dedicated to managing people, their talent, and their motivations, and I embraced this challenge with gusto and motivation! I felt that my work would have more impact than ever and I was very happy to have been given this opportunity.

I was, since September 2020, taking my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in an after-labor regime, and the support from Integer was always incredible. The last year, 2021, was very demanding: I was in a curricular internship in post-labor, I had a thesis to do, and my daily work at Integer. It was worth it! I was able to implement much of what I learned in my master’s degree at Integer, and I feel that we are a company that is increasingly more human and more concerned with each person’s well-being. This is also due to Integer’s basic values and to the capacity and sensibility of all those who work here because without the contribution of each one, this would not be possible.

Thank you, Integer.

Now, in August 2022, I leave Integer to embrace a new challenge, with some fear and insecurity, but to follow my dreams and bet 100% on Psychology.

I leave Integer with the certainty that I always tried to be my best version and that I had a team that always pushed me to give my best. I am proud to have been part of Integer’s history and for this experience to be part of my history as well. I take with me, above anything else, people. And a lot of nostalgia…

Ana Rente
People & Culture

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