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In this article, we will talk about the creation of the IMS (Integrated Management System) area at Integer, which ISO certifications we currently have and how they represent a strategic ally in our business. We count with the participation of our colleague, Arlete Rodrigues, IMS Manager, who answered some questions about this topic.

🎙 Arlete, tell us a bit about your path at Integer Consulting.
How long have you been in the team and how is your day to day currently?

My experience at Integer started in 2016 when I joined the Human Resources administrative area. In 2018 and until January 2022 I started coordinating that department, currently called People Support. In 2019 I accumulated the management of the IMS area, which at the time was only Quality Management and I am currently Manager of this area. During this period I followed two renewals of ISO 9001 and implementation of ISOS 27001 and 27701.
In these last 6 years, my biggest challenge in Integer was, without a doubt, the IMS management. First as a Quality Management System, and later with the implementation of the two new certifications, mainly because these projects happened mostly in a Covid-19 pandemic scenario.

🎙 How did your interest in the IMS area come about?

During my professional career I followed some audits of different references, however, I believe that the taste was enhanced in the last experience between 2013/16, while responsible for the technical area of the electronic commerce. For several moments I was positioned in the roles of auditor and audited, experiences that promoted the taste for developing new skills in this area.

🎙 In your vision, what is the importance of having an area dedicated to IMS at Integer?

The main purpose of IMS in Integer Consulting is to unite the company’s concern with the quality of results, adding security and information privacy management. This area has as main goal the promotion of the continuous improvement of all processes, mitigate and monitor the risk and this way guarantee the effectiveness of the business.
Integer, with the certifications it currently has, ensures high quality standards, meeting a list of requirements that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

🎙 How was the process of obtaining ISO 27701 certification?

The project was started in January 2020 and developed in several phases, the most significant moment being the certification audit held on July 22, 2021, a date that will go down in Integer’s history as the day we obtained the certification of the Information Security Management System (NP ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 extension translated into the Information Privacy Management System.

🎙 Do you consider this certification a competitive advantage?

Yes! Within the scope of information privacy and personal identification protection in contract management and skills management for outsourcing consultants placement, we were one of the first companies in Portugal to obtain the certificate from APCER and some of our current clients, have already considered this certificate as a prerequisite for establishing business ties with us. We believe that this certificate increases Integer’s credibility in the market, ensuring absolutely differentiating levels of trust compared to the competition, not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market.

Arlete Rodrigues
IMS Manager

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