Living the INteger way of life

All of us, at some point in our lives, have gone through the dreaded and desired recruitment processes for that position we so much desire and know that we will not have to work a single day. From the most diverse areas and sectors where they occur, let us now focus on the IT area.

Do you know how it all starts? With the first contacts from Talent Acquisitions, a position that I now take on at Integer! Afterwards, we conduct the first conversations with candidates (aka interviews), where the main purpose is to get to know them and understand their motivations for new opportunities. From here, together with our Managers, we make the magic happen and connect our candidates to the projects of their dreams, including the alignment of salary expectations and permanent monitoring and feedback from our now consultants.

In fact, it is a function with many names, but with one central goal – to find the best match between talent and projects. Do you think it is easy? Try being a Recruiter for one week… You will see that talking to lots of people and making things happen is what fills our chests with joy at the end of each day and allows us to end the journey with a sense of accomplishment!

However, before Integer, the path was made of learning, experiences, and willpower. Directly from Camarate, a parish in the municipality of Loures, in Lisbon, to the world, I graduated in Human Resources Management at Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, a period in which, although caught by the pandemic, I did Erasmus in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary! It was only a month and a half, but it was also of great value to me. Back in Lisbon, it was time to take the next step. “What was it?” you may be wondering now. To enter the Master’s degree that I so much desired, although in a completely different area – the Master’s in Economics, in the same institution, which I justify with the fact that, besides being a people person, I have always considered myself a numbers person and have a keen interest in this subject. However, my career path began in 2017, and in 2019 I had my first opportunity in Human Resources, as a Recruiter. After one year, I started another project, this time, accumulating the same role with that of Sales Development Representative. Both were outside the IT areas, but for some time I had wanted to enter this sector. Thus Integer!

I started this adventure about 9 months ago and I can say, with all the letters, that #MyTeamIsBetterThanYours! This journey, still short, in Integer, has been guided by words such as mutual help, teamwork and togetherness, because #WeAreDoingITtogether and not only in the hashtag. At Integer, the environment and organizational culture is very inclusive and makes, along with our colleagues, the journey of New Joiners easier and more motivating! Every day we learn something new and know that we are important in the structure and that we make a difference. The flexibility, the openness to make mistakes and learn from them, and the availability to help, to answer questions (even unreasonable ones, sometimes), to follow up and just to see if “everything is going well?” have made me feel very comfortable, in the family and totally integrated in this team of ours over time! From the beginning, confidence in our work and the responsibility given are passed on to us with the goal of progressively developing ourselves. And I can assure you that this is one of Integer’s pillars: Developing our people!

At Integer, one of our goals is undoubtedly to create and promote a close and long-term relationship with all those who work with us, and therefore those who are INteger can always count on fostering and maintaining the great team spirit that exists, which is such a patent and valuable characteristic that involves us daily. In fact, at this atypical time and still with many uncertainties, to which we are all trying to get used to, especially when it comes to recruitment, online interviews can become impersonal and distant moments, where we incur the possibility of not creating a connection. Well, I’ll tell you that here at Integer we try to transform these moments into conversations – conversations that put candidates at ease. In my case, for example, my entire recruitment process was done remotely, with constant monitoring by the People & Talent team, and with whom I was completely open to ask any questions, concerns, and insecurities that might arise. You know what? They made me feel at home even before I started! This is Integer’s reality, in all processes! So, if you are considering changing projects, this is your opportunity to participate in a 100% transparent process, with continuous feedback and constant availability of Recruiters and Managers!

Now I ask you: Do you know what it is to be an INteger? It’s knowing that no matter how complex the challenge, we will always have our brilliant team ready to help us. It’s knowing that each and every day brings new opportunities to develop relationships, and that we will have the support we need to succeed. It’s knowing that every day we will learn something new, and how good it is to learn in a people-driven environment that encourages us to be better, always. It is knowing that “Trust” is something that defines us and that we cherish in our day-to-day operations!

To you, who are reluctant, afraid, apprehensive to look for a new opportunity that matches your expectations and motivations. To you, who still don’t know Integer. But also, to you, who see change as a positive thing and want to make a difference in the IT world: Integer is the place where dreams become reality, fears become strengths, and where people are truly the most valuable asset we can have. Integer means Integrity, because that is the only way we know how to work – with confidence and ambition!

João Gonçalves
Talent Acquistion

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