CEO: The interview

We invited our CEO, Luís Setúbal, to answer some questions about his professional career and the process of creating Integer Consulting. In this article, “Interview with the CEO”, you can discover more about Integer.

🎙 Luís, tell us a bit about your career path and what led you to IT?

The IT area was present from an early age in my life. My father was an Analyst/Programmer and Project Manager, something rare in the 70s/80s, until he opened his own business. I believe that’s where my interest in this area comes from.

I started learning the basics of programming at the age of 14 in a summer course and from then on, I focused all my academic training on the IT area. At 17 I started programming professionally, in a company that no longer exists today but which, at the time, was the largest national passenger transport firm. From then on, I worked as a freelancer, teacher, and trainer for several companies, until I reached Novabase. In this corporation, I started working as a consultant for two years, before moving on to the commercial and outsourcing management area and, in 2005, I decided to leave to start a professional project with other entrepreneurs. For several reasons, this project did not work out and I think this experience was decisive to create Integer.

🎙 Integer Consulting was created in 2007. Before we go any further, tell us, what is the source of its name?

I would like to have a name that was IT related and also reflected the values of the company I wanted to create: integrity, inspiration, IT. The motivation and inspiration came from my perception that there should be, effectively, a greater concern for people. In fact, I believe that a business only makes sense if it can achieve at least two goals: make a profit and make the people who work there happy.

🎙 Out of curiosity, how would you describe day-to-day working life at Integer?

Working days at Integer are, above all, a great challenge due to the responsibility and level of demand. The challenge tends to be bigger because, by being successful, we continue to grow, and I highlight this as something quite positive. Currently, the goal is to maintain growth without losing our values and principles.

🎙 As CEO, what have been your biggest challenges, learnings and achievements?

The biggest challenge has been to keep Integer’s growth stable and sustained without deviating from our values. We have grown a lot, but I want us to continue to keep the focus on our identity as I can proudly say we have achieved.

My management experience, knowledge of the business structure and organization at the beginning were really basic, so the learning has been enormous.

As Integer’s greatest achievement I clearly identify our team, which is always prepared to meet the challenges that have arisen.

🎙 What are the plans for the future? How do you imagine Integer 5 years from now?

We want to be a benchmark company in the national market, as well as in the way we manage and attract talent. I believe this will be the distinguishing factor that will allow us to continue to grow.

Today, I consider that we are well positioned, but I believe that we will grow even more and become that benchmark in 5 years. More specifically, I hope we have managed to add to Outsourcing two totally independent areas with international presence, Nearshore and Cybersecurity.

🎙 What moment(s) or experience(s) do you highlight in these 15 years?

It’s nostalgic to think about this question because there have been many moments and challenges that have touched me. Some of the moments that, even today, come to mind are: the first hires for Integer in 2007 and the first international project, which did not go exactly as plan but alow us to improve. I also remember the offices opening in Porto and in São Paulo, the 1st PME Leader award in 2018 and, more recently and the creation of Innovation Center.

🎙 What would you say to the 2007’s Luís Setúbal?

Secure funding, follow your instinct and always plan ahead. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Luís Setúbal

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